Site is real – it’s within each of us and it’s where desires and realities meet to form an overlapping context of limit conditions resulting in multiple metabolic finished states which are typically greater than the sum of their parts and always at least somewhat divergent from their intended goals.

As an architect and sculptor, I’ve worked in design and construction for roughly 20+ years – developing technical expertise across materials systems, physical scales, and knowledge domains. Approximately 15+ years ago, I decidedly transitioned from the world of large-scale sculpture fabrication to building design and construction – in order to help address growing well-documented publicly-recognized environmental sustainability concerns. My intent was, and still is, to exert an approach to making developed in the sculptural arena on the design and delivery of the built environment – in order to re-balance dominant analytical paradigms and more-greatly incorporate externalities into valuation. This approach increasingly values inert non-linguistic specific phenomenological value as compared to fiat analytical value. It is my opinion that such re-balancing of valuation in process as well as product can improve identification of means-end opportunities, and thus realize improved end results.

Since then, I’ve moved through specialty and traditional commercial and residential project types, successfully delivering a diverse range of projects from publicly-funded next-generation sustainable building technology, to bespoke residences, to mid-rise mixed-use projects. Along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to have started and run multiple currently-operating small businesses, including an integrated design-build company specializing in BIM-driven prefabricated facades, achieve various professional certifications, and participate in internationally-recognized projects.

My work has been featured in such outlets as Time Out NY, Edible Brooklyn, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Architecture Research Centers Consortium, Iakov Chernikhov Internal Foundation, NYSERDA, Guggenheim Museum NY, Esquire Magazine, and Contemporary Visual Arts Magazine.

And I continue to believe that it’s our job to build a better tomorrow; that the time is now to create an inspiring, shared, and sustainable public commons; but that in such efforts, our valuation and understanding of means-end objectivities needs to remain relative to an ever-expanding detailed ecological horizon.

This website is a catalogue of my work.

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Festina lente

Seth Wiley
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